I am very passionate about drums and drumming. Whether live, in studio, artist development, teching or teaching, I am always striving for excellence.  Here is a little info on me:


Born & raised in Baton Rouge, LA, I was exposed to a very eclectic mix of music at a very young age. I was a major sports fanatic and I never aspired to play a musical instrument.  At the age of 13, through urging from a friend, I purchased a drum set. I had no Idea what to do with it but I was determined to figure it out. I began listening to records and matching the sounds that I heard to the instrument. When I was able to put my first beat together, I was hooked. I joined my first professional band 10 months later. I was very motivated to get myself into any opportunity where I could play.


Over the next several years, other artists would take note of my playing and ask me to join their bands. I worked my way up the local and regional music scene until I decided to pursue professional instruction. I enrolled in Southern University to study music performance and I was introduced to the late greats, Herman Jackson and Alvin Batiste. My lack of previous formal training was a major obstacle but the staff identified my passion for the instrument and the desire to better myself. During my time at Southern, I was introduced to the man who changed everything, Troy Davis. Troy unlocked the drum set for me and his instruction gave me the confidence to try my skills out on a national level.


After moving to Nashville, Tennessee, I was touring and doing major recording sessions within my first year. Over the next 10 years I was able to accomplish many incredible things. I have been able to work with top industry musicians, producers, technicians and manufacturers, hear my recorded performances on national radio, see my videos on M.T.V., secure endorsement deals and even win a Dove award.


Throughout my career, I have always considered myself a student of the instrument and the industry. I have always had a great ear for drum sounds and the ability to achieve them quickly. This led me to becoming a studio technician and consultant. I started my own business to assist drummers and producers to achieve the best drum sounds possible. 


Welcome to my website.