Steve Sinatra - Hunter Hayes 

"Ray and I have worked together in a variety of job scenarios and he has excelled in every situation and does it with the best attitude possible. Ray is someone I enjoy working with and is incredibly thorough. His skill set both musical and non make him extremely valuable in all jobs he is a part of."

Curt Waltrip - CEO, Joyful Noise Drum Company, Inc.

"I have had the honor of knowing Ray Fryoux for well over ten years now. We met as a result of his passion for drums and advanced drum designs when Joyful Noise Drum Company launched our line at Fork’s Drum Closet in Nashville, TN.

Ray is not only one of the best drummers I know, but he is one of the best drum technicians in Nashville. He is gifted in the art of tailoring the instrument for the artist, but more importantly for the track. His technical services have enabled many of artists and records to possess the distinct character the music being played needed. Combine his technical prowess with his humility and heart for people and you get Ray Fryoux! Great friend, great drummer, and great technician!"

Lionel Cartwright - Hope Park Church

"I've had the pleasure of playing with Ray on several occasions. Each time was a one off with a different configuration of musicians. Each time the response to his playing was the same throughout the band: Ray's drumming was so spot on - and felt so good - he made it feel like we'd all been playing together for years.  

Ray is my favorite kind of drummer: technique, timing, and tone in spades, but delivered with a greasy groove that lays a soulful foundation for any style."

Chris Wright - Producer/Mixing Engineer, Co-Owner of Wright Recording

"I've known Ray for about several years. He has a vast knowledge of drums and drumming. He understands the complete history of the instrument and how it’s evolution relates to the demands of the modern player. Don't even get me started on how good the man is at tuning drums. I always tell my drumming peers that he's a "mad scientist' when you put a drum tuning key in his hand.

Ray is an absolute necessity for me to have on hand when it comes to tech work. Anytime I have a session or important gig, I don't hesitate to call him. The engineers are always impressed at the tones he gets out of the drums. He's also built drums for me when I was wanting a specific sound. He always nails exactly what I'm looking for. Bottom line - The man is legit at what he does and if you call him for any service he provides, I guarantee you won't regret it."